About Us

Effective Foreign Language Training Provider
For more than a decade now, we at Jingdou Language Centre continue to provide quality language training to many locals of Macau. We began as a small English language night school for adults in 1992 and later on expanded to cater to a wider sector of the local population. We now offer language training for children, teenagers and adults.

Using a mix of modern techniques as well as tried and tested traditional language teaching methods, we have a wide variety of courses and programs to meet every student's language training needs. This is made possible by our qualified and friendly teachers who provide a lively atmosphere that effectively fosters active learning. We believe this is the key to motivate students to use the English language confidently.

We are committed to high quality language training as well as in the holistic development of persons. While we have professionalism tops in mind at Jingdou, we make sure our school has a casual and friendly atmosphere that brings out the best in people.

Widening Horizons
At Jingdou, we believe that learning a foreign language is a gateway to discovering other cultures and enhancing relationships in multi-cultural communities. Going by our aim to be an effective foreign language-training provider, we are now also offering courses to learn Mandarin and Cantonese. These are programmes targeted at expatriates and foreign workers in Macau.

Jingdou Language Centre is managed by Far Eastern Education Association (FEEA), a non-stock, non-profit company lawfully registered in Macau. It seeks to develop cultural, scientific and social initiatives for personal development based on moral principles and ideals that are carried out in language centres, youth clubs, study and conference centres.

Far Eastern Education Association
Far Eastern Education Association (FEEA) is a non-stock, non-profit company lawfully registered in Macau since 1992. Its goals are:

  • to offer educational activities, according to moral principles and ideals, for all ages and social levels
  • to manage and maintain language centres, youth clubs, conference and study centres
  • to develop cultural, scientific and social initiatives for personal growth

FEEA's concept of a cultural and language center is one that provides persons of all levels of society an environment for further self-development to help them fulfill their professional and social responsibilities better.

FEEA's projects aim to provide students and working people coming from diverse professional and cultural fields a well-rounded and continuous training for personal growth. Its projects incorporate a personal guidance system provided by a team of caring and friendly tutors. These tutors come from different disciplines and are available for free consultations on specified days and times.

In addition to assuring the warmth of a home, FEEA's staff exerts effort in designing activities that can fill real needs.