To further strengthen Jingdou's effectiveness as a language-training provider, we have established ties with relevant associations and government bodies

East Asian Educational Association (EAEA)

Jingdou has an ongoing working relationship with Wahn Tihng Study Centre for Girls, a project of EAEA Macau, to offer supplementary courses to young girls and mothers. These courses include academic-orientated programmes, personality development courses, baking and cooking lessons and other courses that aid in the holistic development of a person. Jingdou's students gain more exposure to the English language and a chance to use it in practical situations because the courses offered in Wahn Tihng Study Centre are conducted in English. Contact for more details.




Trinity College Examination Board

Since the year 2000, Jingdou has tied-up with the prestigious Trinity College Examination Board by offering courses to prepare students for the Trinity College Graded Examinations in Spoken English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Education Department of Macau