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Sharing the Best Teaching Practices at Jingdou Language Centre

Several Primary teachers in Jingdou Language Centre were invited to share their best teaching practices in the Primary level classes to their colleagues on June 18, 2011, as they had been teaching these classes from Sept. 2010 – June 2011. That day was a Closing of the past academic year as well as a Welcome to the other teachers who will be joining our team for the coming summer courses.

For those who have been handling P1 to P3 levels, they showed various books, teaching materials and games; then, explained classroom activities that are suitable for these children. For the P4 to P6 levels, the other activities included finding the differences between photos, between visual aids and teaching English through drawing, making crafts, short stories and educational games.

As for reference books, they mentioned which are the good resource materials and they shared useful websites for English lessons.

Other teachers brought in colorful posters, objects and props that helped them in their classes to have some more attention and concentration, since children have a short attention span. They suggested to plan few, short activities and let the children move around the room as they need to burn their energies, which is normal at this stage.

For the last presentation, the teachers shared the ways on how they motivated their students. They help the students get involved in leadership roles, making them think of the service they can render to their classmates and peers. Teachers experienced the value of patience, which helps them go on; they see potentials in their students and help each other not to get discouraged. They keep on explaining, encouraging and assisting the students to be more confident in expressing themselves in English. They let students know that they do not have to be afraid to make mistakes, as this is the way to learn.

In general, teachers found it very helpful to show students that they care for them and find some moments to chat with them before the class begins. Students appreciate these opportunities of being treated as a friend by the teacher. They also pointed out that it is true that teachers can feel tired, but it is worth trying to always have positive energy before each class, and a teacher’s effort to be cheerful and optimistic helps the students keep motivated.

After a short break, some teachers shared the ideas of teaching English by making use of short stories. Soon after, one of them presented ideas of games in teaching English.

Each part of the seminar-workshop was followed by question-and-answer and sharing views, opinions and other valuable experiences in language teaching. The whole session ended with a game that helped the teachers have fun while getting to know each other better.

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