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Education of Students with Family Enrichment (Part 2)

The second session was about teaching virtues to children, and these virtues always begin in the family, which is the basic unit of the society. There are certain virtues that a child can already learn at certain ages. For example, with regards to the virtue of Order, the teaching period for this virtue is between one to four years old. If a parent tries to teach the child this virtue at a later age, it would be harder, and more of a challenge. Ms Wallace explained that a child is like an empty theatre. “If you want to watch a performance, what will you do if you want to get the best seat? One has to book a seat in advance in order to get the best seat. But if you go just an hour before the performance, you can still get the best seat (in the front row) but you need to ask someone to move out of the seat; this means resistance of the person who is occupying the best seat to get out of it and give it to you”. This is what happens when bad habits or vices develop at a young age. One can still help others attain virtues, but one needs more time when one is older, and even more when people are already adults.

As for the third (and last) session, Ms. Wallace reminded the staff that they do not replace parents in teaching the children, even if they are busy. “Parents have to make choices as to which is more important” whether it is their job or their family. She told everyone that parents have to be clear about what they really want, which in the end, is a question of “do we want to change the world or are we just go along with where the world is going?” We cannot be moved to become a utilitarian society where we have to produce results and neglecting the potential of each child. In the end, what is really important in each child and in each person is the self-esteem – with what I AM and not with what I HAVE. We have seen on many occasions that people are not at all happy when they satisfy themselves with material things. In the end, people are never satisfied and they always want more.

She reinstated that the values of a person are important. Yet, there are universal moral values, and they are eternal. She encouraged everyone to, “Remember the Values Integration that you are doing through teaching, as such values are universal moral principles, which do not change depending on what other people say or think or feel. Finally, Ms. Wallace encouraged everyone to “ Be strong in living the good values that you teach. It is not enough to teach something. You need to at least try to live those values yourself. The students will learn from their parents and their teacher, as they are truly role models”.

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