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In the study of any language, having a good understanding of its text is crucial to becoming fluent. In fact, without it, one could argue that gaining the skills required to actually be considered fluent is impossible. There are of course many benefits to having a strong ability in writing besides being able to boast a true level of fluency.

When looking at English, the de-facto lingua franca of the world, it is easy to see the many benefits advanced writing skills would award a person. The most important of which, from a student’s viewpoint, would be the level of academia wherein strong writing skills would grant access to, for example, the increased possibility of gaining a place to study at a more prestigious university both locally and overseas, not only in the USA and the UK but in all the countries that uses English as a medium of instruction.

Furthermore, writing skills can undoubtedly help to improve the confidence of people wishing to further communicate using the written word particularly with colleagues from different language backgrounds.

Also, as today in the modern world, the need and potential for finding oneself working for international and multi-national companies, where the language would most likely be English, has increased, thus such skills would always be a welcome advantage.

Finally, it cannot be ignored that in all languages, the different areas of communication, speaking, reading, writing and listening, often go hand in hand. Therefore, it can’t be forgotten that a strong skill in writing is vital for a student or any individual to master, alongside speaking and reading, if they wish to truly be able to converse in a language.

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